Hezaro Yek Shahr

Hezaro Yek Shahr
Hezaro Yek Shahr is Iran’s largest and most modern tourist destination. Built upon the vision to create a world-class experience, it is the most ambitious project of Ezam Construction Investment Company, with Ezam responsible for both construction and operation.
Located in Iran’s capital city of Tehran, the largest city in western Asia and the 29th largest city globally with a metropolitan population close to 14 million people. Hezaro Yek Shahr is positioned in Tehran’s growing District 22 at the west end of Hemmat Highway north of Chitgar Lake. The 139 hectare (343 acre) site is a unique opportunity for the creation of a world-class entertainment, cultural, recreation and retail. The vision of Ezam Construction Investment Company is to create the largest and most modern tourist destination in Iran, therefore from the beginning of the project, Ezam has employed some of the best foreign and domestic consultants, including Forrec Ltd. of Canada, designer of “Universal Studios” theme parks, for the project site master plan. Hezaro Yek Shahr is a tourist destination that will offer a variety of experiences that cater to a broad mix of lifestyles and interests. As an international leisure destination, it includes:
• Shahre Gheseh theme park
• Shahrzad Mall
• Tehran ICT Park
• Water Park
• Office Towers and Hotel Apartments
• Hotels
• Entertainment Street
• Islamic Studies Center
• Art Center