Saraye Ameriha

Saraye Ameriha
Originally built 800 years ago, Saraye Ameriha Traditional Boutique Hotel fell into deep disrepair for several years. It is now being lovingly, hand-restored to become a highlight of historical Persian architecture, and to set a new standard for traditional hotels in Iran. Located in the enchanting desert oasis town of Kashan, famous for its silk, carpets, high-quality tile work and fields of roses, the pride in regional craftsmanship was continued at Saraye Ameriha.
Opening in Spring 2014 with a blend of rooms and suites, retail outlets and full conference facilities, Saraye Ameriha Traditional Boutique Hotel will truly be an oasis of history and beauty in the Iranian desert.
The Saraye Ameriha Traditional Boutique Hotel proudly features elements unique to Persian architecture, including natural cooling using traditional badghirs (wind towers), a magnificent mirrored dining room, a cozy underground amphitheater and courtyards with gardens and ponds throughout the complex. Every corner of Saraye Ameriha has a story to tell…
The rooms at Saraye Ameriha are a true blend of exquisite Persian design and modern amenities with a range of standard, deluxe and luxury suites. Hand painted mosaics and archways, custom Iranian furniture inscribed with Persian poetry and the work of local wood artisans combine to create one of Iran’s most exquisitely restored traditional hotels.