Shahrzad Mall

Shahrzad Mall
Shahrzad Mall is located on 35 hectares of land with 380,000 sqm of GLA, and will be constructed and operated in three phases and on four levels.
Shahrzad Mall is designed around a central courtyard, and contains seven blocks connected by seven atriums.
Shahrzad Mall will be the largest shopping mall in Iran, and will be developed as part of Hezaro Yek Shahr, a world-class tourist destination comprising of 9 other sub-projects including Iran’s first theme park. Shahrzad Mall and Hezaro Yek Shahr tourist destination are located in District 22 of Tehran at the west end of Hemmat Highway.

Shahrzad Mall
Woods Bagot, an Australian global design and consulting firm, designed Shahrzad Mall with the traditional bazaar courtyard in mind. Shahrzad Mall features seven blocks connected to each other by seven unique atriums, with a connection bridge between phase 1 and phase 2 inspired by the traditional bazaar passage. The central courtyard will be an open-air space for year-round celebrations, events and outdoor entertainment.
Shahrzad Mall
During the conception phase, inspiration for the mall interior was derived from Persian culture, its arts, architecture, crafts, markets/bazaars and landscape. The interior planning of the mall is designed for an easy-to navigate shopping experience with seven different atriums, each one created as an identifiable landmark in the mall, adding to the unique shopping experience as well as to the ease of navigation. The atrium designs are:
Muqarnas (a three-dimensional decoration of Islam architecture) Hexagon, Facets, Circle, Weaving, Brick, Arcade.


The vision of Ezam Construction Investment Company is to create the largest and most modern shopping mall in Iran, and from the beginning of the project, Ezam has employed some of the best foreign and domestic consultants, including:
“Forrec”, Canada, total site master plan,
“Woods Bagot”, Australia, Shahrzad Mall architectural design,
“Aurecon”, South Africa, Shahrzad Mall civil and engineering studies, and
“J.C. Williams Group”, Canada, Shahrzad Mall tenant mix studies.