hezaro yek shahr Shahregheseh Theme Park ShahrzadMall atistan saraye ameriha kish water park
hezaro yek shahr hezaro yek shahr
Project: Hezaro Yek Shahr
Type: Tourism Destination
Location: District 22, west end of Hemmat Highway. Tehran. Iran.
Adventure, Fantasy & Style… A Persian dream come true.
Land Area: 139 Hectares
shahregheseh shahregheseh
Project: Shahre Gheseh
Type: Theme Park
Location: Hezaro Yek Shahr
Slogan: You’ll love what we do for your dreams!
Land Area: 38 Hectares
Rides/ Attraction: 45 Rides and 28 Attractions
Phases: 2
Diar 1: Creation
Diar 2: History
Diar 3: Silk Road
Diar 4: Adventure
Diar 5: Myth
Diar 6: Future
Diar 7: Play
shahrzad shahrzad
Project: Shahrzad
Type: Shopping Mall
Location: Hezaro Yek Shahr
Slogan: Where your Style Story Begins.
Land Area: 35 hectares (86.5 Acres)
Total GFA: 1,200,000
Total GLA: 380,000
Phases: 3
7 Blocks
7 Atriums
4 Levels
Parking: 16,300
Connection Bridge
Central Court yard
Specific access rout
atistan atistan
Project: Atistan S&T Park
Type: Science & Technology Park
Location: Hezaro Yek Shahr
Slogan: A City for Creative Ones of Tomorrow
Land Area: 120,000
Total GFA: 420,000
Phases: 4
5 zones
Parking: 5,000
ICT Tower
Knowledge Village
Technology Commercial Center
Convention Centers
5 Star Hotel
Ameriha Ameriha
Project: Saraye Ameriha
Type: Boutique Hotel & Museum
Location: Alavi Street, Kashan, Isfahan Province
Slogan: A Grand Celebration of Traditional Hospitality
Land Area: 9000
A restaurant with capacity for 115 people
A buffet area
26 rooms, 52 beds
A restaurant with capacity for 115 people
A buffet area
Cultural booths
Meeting halls
Cultural Courtyard
Catering area
Cookie & sweets shop
Kish Water Park Kish Water Park
Project: Kish Water Park
Type: Water Park
Location: Kish Island.
Slogan: A Splash of Excitement for Kish Island.
Land Area: 5.6 ha
Rides & Attractions: 14
Theme: Mystery of the Sun Castle
Daily Capacity: 3,000 people
Ride Supplier: White Water West – Canada

Hezaro Yek Shahr

Ezam Construction Investment Company has been awarded a great opportunity to develop Iran’s first world-class tourist destination in Tehran. “Hezaro Yek Shahr”, is a tourist destination with sub-projects including Iran’s first, and most technologically advanced theme park, the largest and most modern shopping mall in Iran, office towers and hotel apartments, three hotel properties, an indoor, year-round water park, Islamic Studies Center and an art center.

Shahre Gheseh Theme Park

Shahre Gheseh will be a place of celebration of Persian dreams and fantasies. Attractions will evoke contemporary and traditional stories taken from Iranian history, literature and folklore. It has been estimated that by the completion of phases 1 and 2, 9 million people will visit Shahre Gheseh annually, and it will rank in the Top 10 Amusement/Theme Parks worldwide in terms of number of attendees. All rides are sourced from the best Western European suppliers and have TUV certification.

Shahrzad Mall

Shahrzad Mall is located in Hezaro Yek Shahr, a world-class tourist destination, and is adjacent to Iran’s first theme park – Shahre Gheseh. The Hezaro Yek Shahr Project is anchored by office towers and hotel apartments, three hotels, an art center, an Islamic Studies Center and an indoor, year-round water park. It is estimated that Shahrzad Mall will welcome 21 million visitors annually.

Atistan S&T Park

Located on the north side of Hezaro Yek Shahr project with a modern architecture at the hearth of natural and recyclable atmosphere, an enormous structure has been designed stating no Dream is too big and no Dreamer is too small. Atistan is a city made of future for attaining added value from the science and new technologies. Being what Atistan should be appeared, such most creative cyber complex in MENA region has been benefited by the consultancy of the most famous ICT corporations at the implementation journey.

Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel

Proudly features elements unique to Persian architecture, including natural cooling using traditional badghirs (wind towers), a magnificent mirrored dining room, a cozy underground amphitheater and courtyards with gardens and ponds throughout the complex.
Located in the enchanting desert oasis town of Kashan, famous for its silk, carpets, high-quality tile work and fields of roses, the pride in regional craftsmanship was continued at Saraye Ameriha.

Kish Water Park

An exciting addition to spectacular Kish Island located on the southern coast overlooking the Persian Gulf, Kish Water Park is the largest, and first themed water park in Iran. Centered on the story, “The Mystery of Sun Castle”, it is the first outdoor waterpark in Iran and features 14 rides and attractions for hours of fun in the sun! Highlights include the tallest waterslide in Iran at 24 m, a wave pool and the “AquaLoop” - the world’s only looping waterslide!

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